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The old limitations of using a single IP on an interface for a NetScaler Gateway solution in Azure are no more. You may have heard that now the NetScaler is able to.

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Citrix NetScaler VPX: CSR Creation & SSL Certificate Install Citrix NetScaler VPX: Instructions for creating your CSR and installing your SSL Certificate with the NetScaler device console.

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HowTo: Importing SSL Certificates on the NetScaler- virtuEs.IT This blogpost is also posted on the PepperCrew website. There are a lot of different certificate file formats that can be involved in a SSL certificate

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Troubleshooting Microsoft Group Policy Site to Zone. One of the nice things about being an independent consultant is the new stuff learned while on projects. I learned some new information about Site to Zone.

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Netscaler HowTo Guides - Citrix Simplify application deployment on Citrix NetScaler with NetScaler App Templates.

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Network modules — Ansible Documentation aireos_command - Run commands on remote devices running Cisco WLC; aireos_config - Manage Cisco WLC configurations

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Troubleshooting: At least one other site is using Https. Troubleshooting: At least one other site is using Https binding and the binding is configured with a different certificate. /

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Citrix - YouTube Enabling the secure and reliable delivery of apps and data. Learn more at

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